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  • Sep 18

    How Microsoft Can Make Windows 8 Better For Productivity

    Windows 8 is an extremely exciting OS. It has strong implications toward the future of operating systems and personal computing. Overall, I think the concepts that Microsoft has introduced with Windows 8 are very positive. Like others out there though, a major concern of mine is the lack of seamless integration between the “old-school” and […]

  • Apr 25

    rmsjr.com Redesign

    Today I published an initial redesign of this website! Design goals The goal with this new design was to develop a simple, responsive layout that provided flexibility for creative expression through graphic design work. I am a big fan of the idea of providing customized page design based on the subject matter of the content. […]

  • Jan 3

    RMSforms – A flexible CSS Forms Framework to Help Style Those Pesky Forms

    If you are a Web designer or developer, you know that styling forms with CSS is a huge pain. Not only are browser inconsistencies rampant in form elements, but it is very difficult to get an advanced form to layout correctly, both visually & semantically. To alleviate these issues and to help designers / developers […]

  • Jul 6

    Wall-E: The Best Pixar Film To Date

    I am no movie critic but I am a huge fan of Pixar movies and 3D animation in general. I have to say, after seeing every Pixar movie multiple times over, that Wall-E ranks #1 out of them all, in front of Andrew Stanton’s last Pixar film: “Finding Nemo”. I was extremely impressed and pleasantly […]

  • Mar 28

    Amazing Web Design Rap

    Listen to this guy… Everything he says is so true.