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December 2007 Archive

Dec 27

Big and Bold vs. High Contrast and Elegant

“I want it bigger! I want it bolder!” These words have been heard by probably every web designer when consulting with a client. It is a comment that is very limited in its ability to give a designer any sort of useful feedback toward the visual design of a website because “bigger and bolder” needs […]

Dec 21

10 Places NOT to Talk on Your Cell Phone

There are many places out there where the use of a cell phone works very effectively in pointing out a pompous, low class asshole. These are all places that, by default, you should NOT talk on a cell phone.
Here’s a list of 10 of those places (in no specific order)…

Dec 19

Why or Why Not Use a Liquid Layout?

Deciding on a liquid or fixed layout is a decision that should be based on design, technique, and whether or not we are willing to take into account the nature of the web as a “liquid” medium. In the term “liquid layout”, I’m not referring to web sites where only the background colors / background […]

Dec 15

Extremely Useful FireFox Add-On’s

Three of the most useful FireFox add-on’s I have found for the purpose of web development and design are:
Colorzilla, Web Developer, andHTML Validator

Dec 12

Solution to doubled margin on floats in IE6

In the wonderful web browser that is IE6, left and right margins are inexplicably doubled on floated elements. This is an obvious IE6 bug that has a very simple solution. To fix it, all you have to do is use the CSS property ‘display:inline’ on the floated element that has left or right margin. Since […]

Dec 11

Getting DIVS to Expand Vertically

One of the basic things about developing CSS Layouts that needs to be understood is that parent elements, by default in FireFox do not expand vertically with their “floated children”. The same is true in IE6 and 7 if the container doesn’t have a width set on it. For example if you have a containing […]

Dec 10

HTML5 and CSS3. Great! When can we care?

I read an article on A List Apart about HTML5 and currently there is a site called css3.info devoted to the development and implementation of CSS3. All I have to say in response to viewing these sites is an unenthusiastic: “oh, good”. We can gawk at the new great things about CSS3 and HTML 5 but the question is: when can we care?