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January 2008 Archive

Jan 9

Web design – The Hazy Mental Image of Comparison

You’ve worked hours on it. It’s beautiful. It’s got glossy buttons, reflections, trendy diagonal lines and the perfect combination of textures and gradients. It’s easy to understand, the information is logically organized, the content is emphasized beautifully by contrasting colors and visual elements. It looks amazing… something like this or this: Now it’s time to […]

Jan 5

Seamless ’06 – ’08 Honda Civic Portable Navigation Setup

If you want navigation system capabilities in your ’06-’08 Civic but don’t want to shell out thousands for a stock navigation system from a dealer, or spend close to 1000 to install an in-dash Nav, or just want a transferable navigation device, portable navigation is the only way to go. The downsides to portable navigation […]