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Jul 6

Wall-E: The Best Pixar Film To Date

I am no movie critic but I am a huge fan of Pixar movies and 3D animation in general. I have to say, after seeing every Pixar movie multiple times over, that Wall-E ranks #1 out of them all, in front of Andrew Stanton’s last Pixar film: “Finding Nemo”. I was extremely impressed and pleasantly […]

May 7

Detm Animation Description

The word “detm” means “devil” in an imaginary language me and a friend created when we were in middle school. Put a “tm” after the first vowel of the last syllable in any word and you’ll understand the language. This animation is a huge inside joke based on a character that has been a figment […]

Mar 4

Virtual Reality

The true problems of virtual reality do not arise from the ignorance that virtual reality will enable us to use against the negative products of society, the problems arise when Ideas adapted in a virtual space are carried over into the real world. We not only will begin to loose our own ideas, but we […]