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Jul 6

Wall-E: The Best Pixar Film To Date

I am no movie critic but I am a huge fan of Pixar movies and 3D animation in general. I have to say, after seeing every Pixar movie multiple times over, that Wall-E ranks #1 out of them all, in front of Andrew Stanton’s last Pixar film: “Finding Nemo”. I was extremely impressed and pleasantly […]

Mar 28

Amazing Web Design Rap

Listen to this guy… Everything he says is so true.

Dec 21

10 Places NOT to Talk on Your Cell Phone

There are many places out there where the use of a cell phone works very effectively in pointing out a pompous, low class asshole. These are all places that, by default, you should NOT talk on a cell phone.
Here’s a list of 10 of those places (in no specific order)…