If you want navigation system capabilities in your ’06-’08 Civic but don’t want to shell out thousands for a stock navigation system from a dealer, or spend close to 1000 to install an in-dash Nav, or just want a transferable navigation device, portable navigation is the only way to go. The downsides to portable navigation are the wires, the battery life, and the “non-factory” look that comes with having gadgets all over your dash.

The Setup…

Fortunately the ’06- ’08 Honda Civic has an unintentionally “great” design feature that can eliminate the problems and inconveniences that portable navigation systems offer. It provides for probably the most seamless portable navigation setup I’ve seen in a car.



The “ceiling” of the storage compartment under the radio in the center console is sloped at about the exact same angle as the windshield which makes for a perfect surface to mount a portable navigation system on. Obviously all mounting devices are different; some may fit with this setup and others may not, but the one I used that came with the Mio C520 is one the more bulky mounting bracket’s I’ve seen for a portable navigation system, so hopefully my setup is sort of a worst case scenario.

A suction cup will not stick to the “ceiling” of the center console storage compartment but the Mio C520 Mounting bracket came with a adhesive mounting plate that sticks to non smooth surfaces. The mounting plate is what is stuck to the sloped “ceiling” of the storage compartment and the bracket is suctioned to that plate so the whole setup is completely removable. (SEE IMAGE 4)

The adhesive on the back of the mounting plate is very strong. I have had no problems with it falling off, but I will have to see if it holds up to the heat of summer. If it doesn’t, I would even consider permanently mounting the plate to the “ceiling” of the storage compartment because it is completely hidden from view.


Another beautiful thing about this setup is that the power outlet is located right beside the navigation system and the other center console storage tray is perfect for housing the excess wires of the power cord.