Today I published an initial redesign of this website!

Design goals

The goal with this new design was to develop a simple, responsive layout that provided flexibility for creative expression through graphic design work. I am a big fan of the idea of providing customized page design based on the subject matter of the content. The layout and HTML structure for each section of the site is identical but the presentation around it can be easily customized through CSS, by targeting classes that have been applied to the body tag. For the most part, this type of custom design is seen primarily in print media. On the Web, the idea is typically ignored so that development can be streamlined. Jason Santa Maria’s personal website is a stunning example of this concept and an inspiration for this site.

Responsive Web Desgin

A feature of this website that I payed particular attention to is was the concept of “responsive website design”. For a majority of my personal work, I make my Websites that utilize “liquid”layouts. The same is true for this website, but with the help of some CSS3 media queries and some jQuery, the layout also adjusts itself to the screen size to provide a pleasant user experience on large and small screen sizes.


About page: 1680px wide
About page: 1024px wide

I am working on applying this concept to a mobile platform as well. Although not completely finished, I have been experimenting with adapting the same set of code to a mobile version of my website while optimizing it to run smooth on much much less powerful devices.

Up and coming

With the framework in place, I will continue to make updates and adjust the “Themes” of the many blog posts and pages of site to keep things fresh and explore different ways to utilize the web as an artistic medium.

Comments / Suggestions?

If you’ve stopped by my site to take a look at my work or read a blog post, let me know what you think by leaving a comment!